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What is Trauma Touch Therapy?

Trauma Touch TherapyTM is a combined energy/bodywork modality designed to meet the needs of clients with hypersensitivity, trauma, or abuse histories. Client empowerment and choice supports the client in accessing their somatic issues in a safe, nurturing environment. The work is done on a very individual basis and often interfaces with the psychotherapeutic process.

Stored traumas can result from physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, exposure to military operations, environmental toxins, surgery, auto accidents, physical injury, and childhood experiences.

Characteristics of a person who has experienced and stored trauma: Inability to stay present, inability to feel sensations (going numb), inability to set boundaries, hypersensitivity, repulsion of parts of their body, extreme unease with touch, inability to speak up (locked into silence), continually overcompensating, feeling guilty about being spared the suffering of someone else “witness guilt”, inappropriate emotional outbursts (laughing, crying, screaming), extreme irritability or anger when experiencing minor inconveniences, overall feeling of just not feeling like your “old” self or the self you know you can be.

On average, clients experience tremendous success after 10 sessions. Sessions are 90 minutes long and are completed weekly, schedule permitting. Clients often find that 1-2 follow up sessions annually keeps them in tune and feeling like their amazing selves.

Clients are fully clothed during these sessions and all contact with the therapist is 100% client directed.

Sessions with children and teenagers require that parents attend or remain on premises for all sessions.

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